I Translate, YOU Communicate!

High Quality Interpretation Services: Business. Medical. Legal. Financial

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. Government. Theology. Education

When Ben Kim interpretes ...

When Ben Kim interprets …

Accurate . Complete . Integrity

Senior Interpreter
“Certificate of Client Commendation for Excellence in Customer Services, Accurate and Complete Interpretation, and Professional” Nine Time Winner in Medical, Legal & Financial.

Certified (LLS)

Client Recognition as “the best”
“Looking forward to the next time you’re my Korean translator [Interpreter]. You’re still the best! And I’ve had a lot!!” – Dr. Steve C.

Interpreted for:
Government Organizations

Lockheed Martin

Korean Air




Doctoral Program


Over 17 years of Interpretation

You Surely Communicate!

You Surely Communicate!

Interpretation: Not only Linguistic, but also Cultural!

Are you looking for professional and experienced help in Korean > English or English > Korean?
Ben efficiently and affordably offer simultaneous, consecutive and online interpretation.
Please explore his credentials, and then contact him to exceed your Korean < > English interpretation need!

Contact your interpreter, Ben at


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