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Want to Learn Korean?

Want to improve Your Korean Accent?

Want to explore Korean culture?

Kim Center has good news for you.

You are not only learning Korean conversation, writing, reading and listening, but also exploring its culture in your home countries. It will save you a lot

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. You will also receive a career coach for your future. Lessons will be conducted either through Live (Video) [International] Conference Call or in person.

Ben has taught Korean language and culture for many years.

My World, My English

My World, My Korean

Korean Packages

* General Conversation

* Business Korean Conversation and Culture

* Elementary Korean

* Middle, High and College Korean

* Professional Korean

What Is Included:
– Copy of Class Materials
– Korean Common Sense
– Korean Reading
– Korean Writing
– Korean Speaking
– Korean Listening
– Accent Reduction
– Live (Video) Conference Chatting
– Understanding Korean Culture

My Choice, My Dream

My Choice, My Dream

Contact us for availability and pricing at coachbenkim@gmail.com

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