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What Is IELTS?
IELTS Course: Target 7.5

A few selected testimonies from my clients and students

“Mr. Kim, my best teacher, you are the best. I passed my IELTS because of you. It is you, Mr. Kim. I will never forget. Thank you, Mr. Kim. Thank you very much.” Ne- M. (UCF-CMMS student)

“Mr. Kim, I do not want to go other teachers’ class, but I want to be in your IELTS class because your teaching is very good. I get your teaching, but I do not get others.” Al- M. (UCF-CMMS student)

“Mr. Kim, your teaching is different from other teachers because you understand my situation. When you teach I understand very clearly.” Sa-. A. (UCF-CMMS student)

“You taught me how to prepare for my English speaking test for the IELTS test. And I did as you taught me and it worked. I got beyond my target score. Thank you so very much, Mr. Kim.”
-A UCF CMMS Student, Abdu-

“Mr. Kim, you are the best teacher at UCF CMMS. No one teaches like you do. We do not know why other teachers do not teach like you do. You taught us everything we need. We learned a lot. We now know what and how to do. Thank you very much.”
And the Students insisted to take photos together. They want to keep the memory with them. So we did. I was very honored and humbled. At the same time, I was so thankful. I answered them by saying, “the big difference between me and other professional teachers at UCF CMMS is that I teach this test preparation course which I myself went through and others teach English as English language professionals. They have different dynamics, characters and personalities.”
-Summer Term I, IELTS Class Students-

For My Successful Study

“I personally thank you so very much for your teaching and cultural advice. I made a lot of friends and enjoy my life here in Korea very much. I am still here because of your teaching, otherwise, I would already had left Korea.” Thank you. -K. S. –

“I really, really appreciate for what you taught me when I was in your class. I thank you for everything you told me about what to do and how to do. It helped me a lot to make decisions. So, I now going back to my country in Feb. Thank you so much. I kept everything you told me in my heart.” – A. T. (UCF student)

I always thank you for what you taught me including Korean language and culture. I particularly appreciate your cultural advice and consultation. I abide in them everyday of my life here in South Korea and I have been here more than 19 months successfully. I now have many Korean friends and your cultural advice works everyday. by C. S.

My client, Hung C. Lin got accepted by Cambridge University in UK for Ph. D. research studies with a full scholarship from his government.

“Mr. Kim, Your teaching was very very helpful. I learned a lot for my IELTS test. You taught me to pass the test. I am sending my test result for you to thank you. Thank you so very much, Mr

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. Kim.”
-A UCF CMMS Student, Mo-. Ab-.

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