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Successful Plans for Your Health

Let’s Remember:  Know, Plan, Do and Check!

One of the most important things to monitor while you are achieving your goals is your health.  Your health is the most important physical resource you have.  However, your health can be at risk with the stress of living your life and building your career.  Remember, seasonal changes can affect your health as well.  Now the question you need to ask yourself is, “What is my plan to keep me healthy and strong?”

You can start with a few small plans.  For example:

  • Regularly eat well and drink water (Gatorade/sports water when exercising or unwell).
  • Reduce or eliminate bad habits for your health, such as smoking, drinking, or overeating.
  • Have a daily plan: Study after class, review your day after work, maintain
    a healthy social life (online and face to face), prepare healthy meals, exercise, and sleep.
  • Go to bed as you planned, and get up as you planned, sleeping eight hours a night.
  • Stop making excuses and, “Just do it!”
  • Get everything ready for the next day before going to bed.

When you complete your daily plans, you will be successful every day.  Your everyday success will bring you success for tomorrow.

Yes, you can do this!  Let’s do this together!

If you have any questions or comments, I welcome your response in Comments.

For Your Daily Success!

Ben Kim                                                                                                                                              Founder & President

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3 Successful Plans for Your Health-Kim Center

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