So, What’s Your Plan?

“I planned for my career.  However, things didn’t go as I planned.  It did not work out.  So, I gave up.  I do not plan anymore because it just does not work.”  Have you experienced this?  You planned many times, but you could not do it?  If you answered “Yes,” you must consider the following things:

  • Did I make plans that were realistic and achievable for me, or were they too big?
  • Did I really plan for me to do it, or did I make a plan just to make me feel good?
  • Did I aim to follow my friend’s plan and not my own?
  • Did I try to make my goals and plans look better than those of my friends or colleagues?

Now, if your answer is “Yes,” for any one question above, your plan is not going to work for you.  It is because you did not plan for you to succeed, but to only make yourself feel good about it in comparison to others.  Yet, do not give up.  Here is how you make a plan work for you (and not against you):

  • Instead of planning big, plan small.
  • If you plan too big, you will get tired and discouraged in a few days and give up.  So, DO NOT start by planning big.
  • Do NOT compare your planned daily activities and goals with your friends.
  • Your plan is only for you. It is not for your friends.
  • Remember your plan is not to make you feel good, but to achieve your goals.

Do you think you are getting it now?  Yes?  Great!  You can do it.  Let’s do this.  If you are still not sure, speak to me.  I am here to support you to achieve your goals.  You are always welcome to share your plans and goals with me, and I will be pleased to give you the feedback you need to succeed.

Ben Kim                                                                                                                                  

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11 So, What Is Your Plan-Kim Center

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