A Time to Enjoy and Recharge

Yes, you did it.  You finished the summer semester well.  Some of you will move on to the next step.  Congratulations!   A lot of you will continue your study in the fall semester.  I am very proud of you all.  You have worked hard, and you have earned a break to enjoy.  You have definitely earned it to recharge yourselves for the next step. 

Let’s enjoy and recharge with a few easy plans:

  • Take care of important details for the next semester before you leave for your break.
  • Check the schedule for the fall semester that you are going to register.
  • Plan ahead to come back a few days before classes start.
  • Complete important things right away.  Do not wait until the last moment! 
  • Be safe, smart, and responsible.
  • Keep your dream up, believe in yourself and it will happen.
  • Remember you have friends.

Let’s reduce stress by accomplishing these small plans.  This will recharge you to enjoy your learning, and you will be more successful.

Remember – You Can Do This!

For Your Academic Success!

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