“He May Win, But I Am Not Going to Lose.”

Tennis is one of my favorite sports.  I watch every single Grand Slam tennis championship tournament each year starting with Australian Open, then the French Open, after that, Wimbledon, and finally with the US Open.  I think it was in 2011 in the Wimbledon final game, where it was Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal.  Roger was known as “King of Grass” and Rafael was known as “King of Clay.”  Tennis fans were very excited to see them playing for the championship.  Roger had won Wimbledon already.  During the one of interviews, Rafael said, “Roger may win, but I am not going to lose.” 

The championship game started.  Both champions played amazingly well.  In the end, Rafael won the championship for the first time by the set score 3 to 2.  During the championship ceremony, they both showed their respect to each other and encouraged each other.  They both finished it very well just like champions.

We are starting the Fall Semester, 2020.  How would you like to begin and achieve excellence this fall?  Do you have something that is going to win over you?  Let’s say, “It may win, but I am not going to lose.”   Indeed, let’s finish the fall well!  I am here for you to support you do just that – finish this fall well.

For Your Academic Success!

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  1. Ben Kim says:

    This is an inspiring story of resilience.

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