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IELTS Listening Test
Four Sections: approximately 10 questions each section
Section 1: a conversation in a daily social context
Section 2: a monologue in a daily social context
Section 3: a conversation in a training or an educational context (two or more people)
Section 4: a lecture or a talk on a topic of academic interests

Very Important Tips:
When you copy your answers to the answer sheet, do it CAREFULLY and DON’T add extra words or change your answers.
Always follow the directions. (For example: No more than two words or a number)
Total 40 minutes including 10 minutes to transfer answers to the answer sheet.

IELTS Speaking Test
Three Parts: a live conversation and discussion for About 11 – 14 minutes. The whole speaking test will be Recorded. The test is about your opinion!

Part 1: general questions about yourself: your home, family, job, studies, interests, sports, major, food, familiar topics.

Sample Questions
What do you like to do in your free time?
Why are you learning English?
Do you like to live in the USA?
Which country do you most like to visit?
How long have you been in the USA?
Who was your favorite teacher at school?
Tell me about a famous person who you admire?
Tell me about your favorite movie(s)?
How was your day today?
Tell me about your favorite music?

Part 2: The examiner will give you a card which has a particular topic with directions you need to follow. When you talk, you must include points that you can cover in you talk.
– You are given 1 minute to prepare.
– Talk for up to 2 minutes.
– You can make some notes if you want to
– Then the examiner may ask 1 or 2 questions on the same topic.

A sample card
Describe a sports event you enjoyed watching
You should say:
what event you watched
where you were
who you watched it with
why you watched it
and explain why you enjoyed watching it.

Round up questions:
Who won this event?
Do you play this sport yourself? Why and/or why not

Part 3: Further questions asked which are connected to the topic of part 2.
– This is an opportunity for you to discuss more abstract and ideas.

Example Questions
How expensive is it to go to sports events in your country?
Do you prefer watching a sport event on TV or at the field? why?
Why do you think sports people often become media stars today?
(a sample card and questions in part 2 are from “Official IELTS Practice Materials” 2009)

IELTS Writing Test
Candidates have 60 minutes. There are ‘Two Different Tests’ including ‘General’ and ‘Academic.’ If you plan to study in the USA and/or other English speaking countries, you are required to take ‘Academic.’

Writing test has two different parts.
Part 1. Correspondence writing: about 20 minutes
Describe some information contained in graph, table, diagram in your own words. It could be data, how it works, or the stages of process. You are required to write at least 150 words.

Very Important Tips:
Always do ‘summarize,’ ‘select,’ ‘report,’ and ‘compare’ based on the information you were given. Your opinion is not required.

Part 2. Discursive writing: about 40 minutes
Write an essay in response to a topic
– Your point of view: opinion
– An argument
– A problem
You are required to write at least 250 words.

An Example Question:
More and more families have computers in their homes, and children spend a great deal of their time using their home computers.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this situation and give your own opinions.
(This example question is a retired one which is published by many different publishing companies)

Very Important Tips:
It is about your opinion. You have to remember which you do not have anything, but your brain and idea. It is not about if your opinion is right or wrong, but if you give your own view clearly and support it effectively.

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