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Designed for including but not limited to students both overseas and local who desire to obtain higher degrees and to achieve academic goals, and those who are planning to study in the USA to build better career opportunities.

Ben studied in the USA, Australia and South Korea. He successfully achieved his academic goal. Ben has also taught many years at universities in South Korea and the USA.  He definitely understands academic requirements and challenges.  He has internationally provided effective academic coaching for his worldwide clients. He now offers you courses and academic coaching for your Success.

Clients agree. Ne. M. says, “Mr. Kim, my best teacher, you are the best. I passed my IELTS because of you. It is you, Mr. Kim. I will never forget. Thank you, Mr. Kim. Thank you very much.” H. C. thanked, “I did it. Cambridge University in UK accepted me for Ph. D. with the full scholarship. Thank you. M. Ab. Described, “Mr. Kim, Your teaching was very, very helpful. I learned a lot for my IELTS test. You taught me to pass the test. I am sending my test result for you to thank you. Thank you so very much, Mr. Kim.” The whole class said, “Mr. Kim, you are the best teacher at UCF CMMS. No one teaches like you do. We do not know why other teachers do not teach like you do. You taught us everything we need. We learned a lot. We now know what and how to do. Thank you very much.” Abdu. also said, “You taught me how to prepare for my English-speaking test for the IELTS test. And I did as you taught me and it worked. I got beyond my target score. Thank you so very much, Mr. Kim.”

• Academic Success
Seven Secrets
Find My Best Way to Study
Pass My English Test and Obtain My Degree

• Settling in the USA for the First Time
Comfortable and Professional Consulting and Coaching
Life Experienced Support

You can receive a Personal and Inspiring Coaching and Consulting. It is for your higher achievement.

Ben is a certified academic success coach (UCF) and currently coaching international students at the University of Central Florida. Ben’s coaching is personal and effective.

My Way, My Dream

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Achieving Your Overseas Study & Cross-Cultural Living Success!
Through Ben Kim 3 Step Effective Coaching Services

Please contact your coach Ben at to fulfill your academic dream.

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