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Ben and Karen both have a love for internationals, whether they have to do with education, business or ministry.  Karen taught ESL in China and Korea in the 1990’s, while at this time Ben was studying in Australia.  They met in 1995 in Korea, Ben proposed in 1996 in Australia, and they were married in 1997 in the USA and then again in Korea.  They have three children and have lived in the Orlando, Florida area since 2000.  We look forward to hearing your story, too!

Ben Kim’s 3 Step Breakthrough Coaching will enlighten you to Make Appropriate Decisions for your success in cross-cultural business delegation, career, study and leadership.

Ben Kim currently coaches students and scholars around the world mentoring them to prevent academic troubles and jump-start their improved academic life with wise academic choices. His coaching has empowered numerous students, scholars and families to make wise choices and achieve their academic goals.

He also coaches business professionals for their cross-cultural/intercultural business development and improvement.


  • Motivation
    Motivating, Inspiring, Empowering
  • Study and Career
    Graduate School, College, High School
  • Cultural and Intercultural Relations
    Differences, Wellness, Inter Cultural Development and Understanding in Depth
  • Faith and Study
    Balance, Christian faith, Family and Students, Stewardship
  • Study and Culture
    International Students and Scholars, Study plans, Developing Study Skills, Academic Culture
  • English and Academic Degree
    English tests, Preparation, Family and Children, Scholars, Business

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About Ben
Hello friends, this is Ben Kim, your Life Coach. So, how would you benefit from having him as your Life Coach?  Ben lived and studied in three different countries including South Korea, Australia and the USA. He is the founder and president of “Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough.” He also established “Kim Center LLC” later and operating Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough including Languages Now, Cultural Glimpses, Translation Services and Karen’s Redema Footrest under the center. Ben is specialized in coaching First Step: knowing identity, Second Step: finding vision, and Third Step: achieving success. These are Ben Kim’s 3 step breakthrough. His coaching service is inspiring and personal. Ben will coach you step by step to lead you to find your identity and vision, moving forward, to make appropriate decisions to successfully achieve your goal.

The Life Coach Who Builds Your Personal Foundation for a Successful Living

Ben completed his life coach training with Dan Miller, who is the founder and author of 48 Days and his life coach mentor. He also has had numerous years of life training and experience as a life coach.  Ben is also a certified academic success coach, and diversity and inclusion from the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Ben currently provides transforming coaching services for individuals, couples and families including, but not limited to, who are in a leadership position or who are going to be in that position, immigrants, overseas students and who are preparing to go overseas especially either to South Korea or USA. His cross cultural consultation in-depth enhances your international business and life. Its goal is to serve you to be courageous to achieve your best for your life-transforming living.

Ben also currently coaches [Korean] immigrants in the United States of America for their successful cross-cultural adjustment and life career.
He considers that a good family relationship is an essential necessity to serve at your best.

Numerous years of life experience in ministry (over 20 years) and interpretation/translation (over 20 years) in three different countries including South Korea, Australia and the United States of America have not only lead him to collect ministry coaching resources in various different areas, but this lengthy experience has also culturally equipped him to be able to provide high quality cross-cultural consulting. Ben also successfully completed his pastoral counselling and care training including field work at a seminary (Presbyterian Theological Centre) in Sydney, Australia. He specially focused his study in preaching, leadership and training at the same seminary. He got M. Div. credits from Reformed Theological Seminary and currently working on his D. Min. program degree at the same seminary.
Ben graduated Daegu Theological College and Seminary in South Korea for his undergraduate degree, obtained his certificate of missiology from Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Dip. Th. degree from Presbyterian Theological Centre, M. Div. credit From Reformed Theological Seminary and continuing his study for Dr. Min. degree at the same seminary.

Ben worked as an Assistant Director of Doctor of Ministry Korean Program at Reformed Theological Seminary, College Instructor, Executive Secretary of One of the world largest Presbyterian Churches in Seoul Korea, Elementary, Middle & High School Teacher, General Manager of Academic Institute, Pastoral Counselor and Pastor. He also have had a good Christian leadership training with Dr. Steve Childers who is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary and his Christian leadership mentor while Ben worked as his TA for 5 years.
Ben also planted a church in Daegu, South Korea. He worked for several different churches including the church he planted, mid-size churches and one of the world largest Presbyterian Churches in South Korea. He trained and coached numerous leaders and missionaries.
After serving in the Korean military and planting a church, Ben understands the challenging and exciting ministry leadership and life challenging.

Currently, Ben is working as a Cross-Cultural Academic Coach, Consultant & Trainer and Life Coach. He taught “Foundations of Successful American University Life,” SLS, IELTS and IEP at ELI (former CMMS), University of Central Florida. He provides a motivational academic coaching for international students to achieve their academic goals. He also works as a Simultaneous Interpreter, Translator and Home School Teacher. By the way, he worked as a youth soccer coach at a local YMCA over 10 years.

Achieving Your Cross-Cultural Living Success Through Inspiring Coaching Services!

Consults Cross-Cultural Understanding In-Depth
Coaches for Successful Life and Study in the USA

Ben works for primarily you who are planning to do your business with Koreans/Americans, live in Korea/America for a while, Koreans and overseas students who want to succeed in your goals. He has had the pleasure of serving other internationals as well from all over the world. To meet your satisfaction, he also provides email and phone consultation services as well.

Motivation for Becoming A Korean American Cross-Cultural Coach/Consultant:
His first overseas experience was in Sydney, Australia for about six years. He finished his study in Theology with one graduate certificate and a graduate degree. He went through some hardships during his first year. Ben had not had anyone who would guide him to go through the culture shock he was in. He wandered. He then realized that if he did not do something he would end up completely miserable. It stirred his mind up to stand. He made a plan to learn everything he could about Australian culture first.

As his first step, he began to participate in Aussie student’s activities on and off the campus, including spending time in restaurants and other social locations during the week and on the weekends. He observed and worked hard to blend in. He also made many Australian friends and visited them regularly, and even lived in their homes for almost five years. This certainly elevated his English and understanding of Australian culture rapidly. Once he understood the culture better, he felt that he was “in”. Then he was on the freeway to succeed toward his goal — and he did it.

Now, Ben is in the USA. He has met countless Koreans and internationals from overseas who have deeply struggled with cultural adjustment. He has voluntarily helped them. Most of them who got his help asked him the same question, “Why don’t you write a book since it would benefit thousands of overseas students and immigrants like me?” So here he is with his site to assist you. The book is developing as he writes, so keeping watching for that, too.

Provides Appropriate Decision Making Coaching
Ben primarily works for you, both current and future international students and church leaders. He provides resources for you to assist you to improve your decision while coaching you to achieve your best for your call. He has coached numerous people including international students in the USA and around the world, and current and future ministry leaders. They said that “he inspired them to move on to achieve their goals.”

Ben has over two decades of experience in coaching and ministry both in Korean and English languages and almost that much living abroad. He would like to let you know you are not alone in your pursuit of happiness and effectiveness — whether you want to achieve better or to feel “more at home” wherever you are.

Motivation for Becoming A Leadership Coach:
Ben has worked as a bilingual and bicultural pastor over 20 years in three different countries including South Korea, Australia and the United States of America. He has seen so many ministry leaders (including himself) who have struggled with their leadership due to both expected and unexpected matters they have faced in their fields. Yet, he has been shocked with the current fact, which is that most leaders have very limited sources to effectively resolve their issues. It is even more limited among Korean ministry leaders for cultural reasons. For a long time, he has planned and desired to assist both current and future Korean ministry leaders who constantly pursue their call. He is so thankful to start this online ministry to benefit many who would find it helpful.

In the meantime, Ben sincerely looks forward to meeting you.

My values are loyalty, faith, integrity and responsibility, which I trust you will agree are fundamental for a coach to serve you well.

I Translate, You COMMUNICATE™

Ben worked as a senior certified (LLS) interpreter and a translator in medical, financial, legal, religious, and education fields over 10 years.

He assists you, international students in broadening your understanding about Christianity and its beliefs. He currently reside in the Orlando area in Florida, USA with his wife, Karen (an American) and three sons.

Please contact him at ben@thekimcenter.com to learn more about what he would like to offer to you for your success!

Make the most of the life you have been given!™

To Make Appropriate Decisions For My Success

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