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Cultural Glimpses

Cultural Glimpses is run by Karen Tinsley-Kim, under Kim Center, LLC.
Karen received her MA TESOL from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1996. Karen has been married to Ben Kim, a US Naturalized Citizen originally from Korea for almost 15 years. Previous to her marriage and graduate work, she lived and taught at universities in China for two years. She then spent almost five years in South Korea, the last four married to Ben. Since 2002, Karen has enjoyed the privilege of meeting most parts of the world through her ESL students at the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies (CMMS) the University of Central Florida. She also loves being a mom to three magnificent young men she considers herself blessed to raise.

Karen’s passion here at Cultural Glimpses is to make the journey of cultural adjustment a bit easier for internationals and raise the likelihood of long-term success abroad. Her belief is that one must be prepared internally and externally before and during the journey to increase the chances of success. So, have you packed your cultural suitcase yet? If you aren’t sure, this website is a good place to start.

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Languages Korean, English

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
Accent Reduction

What you can learn from Kim Center
You are not only learning linguistic skills including conversation, writing, reading and listening, but also exploring its culture either in your home countries or in the USA. You will also receive a career coach for your future. All lessons will be conducted either in person or through Live (Video) Domestic and International Conference Call.

Currently, we are conducting Korean and English teaching while providing cultural coaching as well. Life coaching is another benefit you can get.

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Translation Services
I Translate YOU Communicate™
Interpretation . Consultation . Translation

International Business with the USA <> Asian Countries Particularly with South Korea
Help interpret likelihood of success/failure with Korean clients
Expert Cultural Analysis/Consultation: In-depth Cultural Insight, Speaking and Coaching
Professional Interpretation/Translation: Documents, Medical, Legal, Financial, Business, Education and Christianity

Senior Interpreter
“Certificate of Client Commendation for Excellence in Customer Services, Accurate and Complete Interpretation, and Professional Nine Time Winner in Medical, Legal & Financial.”

Certified (LLS), Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation,
Completed Federal Government Required Background Confidential and Security

Clients: Lockheed Martin, Government Organizations, L3 ALTS, Major Banks, Insurance Companies, Hospitals and Cable Companies

Translated and Interpreted for:
Government Organizations
Lockheed Martin
British Library Medical Research Papers
Doctoral Program Research Materials & Lecture Notes
Theological Materials and Papers
20 years of Translation

Client Recognition as “the best and loyal”
“I have had many Korean interpreters. But I have never had an interpreter like you Mr. Ben. You are doing an outstanding and excellent interpretation. You are delivering it very professionally and you are so confident. As I said, I have had many Korean interpreters in my court, but you are the best I have ever had. I personally thank you for your professional expertise very much. I really appreciate you interpreting for me. You made everything go so well and smooth.”

-The Judge from Commonwealth of Penn.

“Looking forward to the next time you’re my Korean translator. You’re still the best! And I’ve had a lot!!” – Dr. Steve C.

Ben Kim offers exceptional translation services from Korean to English or English to Korean.
Contact him at or 407-365-2332 for pricing and availability.