Cultural Coaching

Designed for including but not limited to people living in either Asian Countries especially in Korea or USA as foreign professionals or businessmen, planning and/or operating cross-cultural businesses, individual business owners, international students and who desire to understand cross-cultural issues better to make appropriate decisions for a successful career and life.

Ben has lived in three different countries including South Korea, Australia and the USA. He certainly understands multicultural aspects and cross-cultural matters in-depth. He has internationally provided excellent cross-cultural consultation in numerous multi-cultural issues for his clients. He offers his expertise in cultural coaching for you.

Clients agree. C. says, “Ben, you just made my day. I had you many times and you have never failed me. You are always professional and get the job done effectively. Thank you Ben.” Lockheed Martin described, “Thank you Ben. You made my day when I was with my Korean clients. I could not have done without you.” Cigna also said, “Thank you Ben. You are always so professional. I have had you many times, you never failed me. I am going to call you again tomorrow.” The judge from commonwealth of Penn agreed, “Ben, you made everything go so well and smooth with your professional expertise.” C. S. appreciates, “I always thank you. Your cultural advice works every day. I abide in them every day.” K. S. also agreed, “I am still here because of your cultural coaching, otherwise, I would already had left Korea.”

He is currently offering his expertise in cultural matters.

Please contact your coach Ben at to fulfill your cultural goal.

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