Career Coaching

Designed for including but not limited to people preparing for their jobs, planning to change their jobs and those who want to build their career that they love.

Ben completed his training in coaching with Dan Miller the author of “48 Days.”  He went through many jobs including ministering, teaching, administration, translation and counselling/coaching.  He acknowledges the importance of career and understands various challenges to build your career.  He currently provides internationally recognized high-quality coaching in making appropriate decisions for your career.

Clients agree. H. L. says, “Because of your coaching, I made it. I have received many blessings from God. I thank you so much for what you have coached me.” J. from FL writes, “Thank you for your coaching. I now know what to do.” M. said, “Now, I know what I can and I cannot do. Thank you for the workshop.” C. J. from CA agreed, “You made my job so easy. You did a wonderful job. Thank you, Ben.” M. D. from VA also agreed, “You are awesome. You did a fantastic job. You have been a great help.”

If you are a leader or a candidate to be a leader and want to establish a good leadership, we also provide leadership coaching services.

Designed for including but not limited to team leaders, cross-cultural leaders, minister candidates and current ministers.

Please contact your coach Ben at to fulfill your goal.

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