Multimedia Authoring Project, November 2020

This multimedia authoring project was an educational endeavor, where people’s perceptions were expressed, particularly students in classrooms.  This was produced with classroom teachers in mind.   Microsoft Sway and H5P were used for this project. 

Multimedia presentation, October 2020

This visual multimedia presentation, with voiceover, introduced one of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, and describes its food, famous tourist sites, culture, and economy.  It was produced for tourists who want to get away for an unforgettable vacation.  PowerPoint was used for this presentation.

One-minute video merge, October 2020

This one-minute video merge, with voiceover, introduced South Korean New Year’s Day traditions, food, and snow-covered mountains during the winter season.  This was produced for international tourists.   For this video merge, Windows Video Editor and Audacity were used.

One-minute educational video, October 2020

This one-minute educational video, with voiceover, presented the effectiveness of context-focused teaching and learning. It described the differences between out of context learning and context-focused learning in a one-minute video

Photo merge, September 2020

This photo merge project was presented using ultra-modern, antique, black and white, and monochromatic themes.  This introduced UCF, where old and new can pursue their academic dreams in harmony.  Photoshop was used for this project. 

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