At Kim Center, we equip you for life and career to make appropriate decisions. Here you’ll experience the benefits of an encouraging coaching on a personal and empowering environment. We provide quality advising services in recognized fields by numerous international clients such as academic, cultural and career.

Kim Center’s 3 Step Breakthrough coaching program is an initiative launched to prepare clients achievement in fields and to provide individuals and families with more certainty regarding the decision-making process. Clients who apply to Kim Center, complete 3 Step Breakthrough and meet the participation requirement are guaranteed improvement in making appropriate decisions for higher achievement and career.

We also provide engaging instructional design services for websites, learning management systems, as well as K-12 and higher education materials.  Our instructional designers are well-experienced in understanding client needs and providing services which aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

For more, please explore our website for coaching availability, instructional design, online courses, to arrange online meetings and to discover scholarship opportunities.

Contact: ben@thekimcenter.com