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Hello, friends! May I introduce you to Ben Kim, who has served many over the last few decades as a Life Coach. So, how might you benefit from having him as your Life Coach? Let’s take a few moments to get better acquainted with Ben Kim to help you determine if he might be a good fit for you as your Life Coach.

Ben and Karen, his wife, both have a love for internationals involved in education, business, or ministry.  Karen taught EFL in China and Korea in the 1990’s, while at this time Ben was studying in Australia.  They met in 1995 in Korea, Ben proposed in 1996 in Australia, and they were married in 1997 in the USA, and then again in Korea.  They have three sons and have lived in the Orlando, Florida area since the year 2000. 

Ben has lived and studied in three different countries including South Korea, Australia, and the USA. He is the founder and president of the “Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough.” He also established the “Kim Center, LLC,” which incorporates the Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough as well as other services and products including: Languages Now, Cultural Glimpses, Korean<>English Translation Services, and Karen’s Redema Ottoman Footrest. Ben specializes in coaching: 1) Knowing Identity, 2) Finding Vision, and 3) Achieving Success. These are the goals for the Ben Kim 3 Step Breakthrough.

Academic Coaching | University of Houston-Downtown

Currently, Ben Kim coaches students and scholars from around the world, mentoring them to prevent personal academic troubles and jump-start their academic life to make improvements through wise academic choices. His coaching has empowered numerous students, scholars, and even families to make wise choices and achieve their academic and personal goals.  In addition, through his long-standing online work, he also provides engaging instructional design services for websites and learning management systems. 

Practical Instructional Design How-Tos - Series - E-Learning Heroes

Ben completed his life coach training with Dan Miller, who is the founder and author of 48 Days and his life coach mentor. He also has had numerous years of life training and experiences as a life coach.  Ben is also a certified academic success coach in diversity and inclusion from the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Ben successfully completed his pastoral counseling and care training, including field work at a seminary (Presbyterian Theological Centre), in Sydney, Australia. Ben graduated from Daegu Theological College and Seminary in South Korea for his undergraduate degree, obtained his certificate of missiology from Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Dip. Th. degree from Presbyterian Theological Centre, and his M. Div. credit From Reformed Theological Seminary.  Ben also graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a graduate certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL). He is currently continuing his study at UCF for his graduate degree in instructional design.

Loyalty, faith, integrity, and responsibility are Ben’s values.

Contact Ben today at to learn more about what he can offer to you as your Life Coach for your personal success!